Saturday, March 10, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part V

hat wakes do cost-so-dearly dead prefer
    not mawkish crying over spilt milk
    feral cats can lap up    and proliferate

who z watchin over
    yr poached deserts
    yr admonitory plagues
    yr inimitable wilderness wasted

what avail yer sacrifices n monuments
    what suffices
        not stilted billboard atlas world-on-shoulders muscle-flexing
            gone to head

what fork-branched lightning blasts three o-pinioned stool
            into tyburn tree
    snakeeyes n black deuces     never thrown for loss
            take credit
        while flush-in-hand cardinal sinners
            ladling brimstone-n-treacle to yr reproachable innocents
            refuse own medicine
        and human predators exhibit ancestral bones
            as honourable obits    proof  f profession
    will indignant dna exercise tangential option
            reject gimmekrieg mission
        scatter wild cards in retaliation

    saints n sinners
        both cocksure
        in deal with nemesis
        would turn up trumps from own marked deck

our prodigy Tad
        pantomime  f puckered irony
        ogling likewise bivouacked bunkers
        recollects dynasties turn sour
        erasing bets
    what suffices
        when wars  f roses smell like bookend latrines
        touché eliminating unpaid last respects

cry we alley loo inspectorz chorus
    cry we ebb n flow lavages
        flesh n blood cant stand
    cry we flushing beaches
        janitorial Job-job
            sand-n-water cleansing formula
            hasn't got in hand
    cry we alleyloud: 'ware!

    cry we bareheaded
    cry we bootless
    cry we salt tears
    cry we grains  f sand

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