Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ok so you turn your hate (summer, '72)

Poems from the 1970s

Ok so you turn your hate on me
    i'll blast you to kingdom come
here's my gun    bang-bang!
    see the red ochre anger flare on your forehead
now you'll know for sure i've not kissed your bum
    my lips have tasted shit too long
so just swing along with the rest of us hipsters
    lazy bugger-buddha brothers and sisters
who might even be seen as beautiful folk
    if you'd let up on the tight-arsed demands
we go straight

    we'd rather find a space hassle-free
a place you can't get in our face
    with your bloody hang-ups
so before you get shirty
    lighten up!
smoke a toke!
    and piss off in peace     brother
there's world enough of hurt already
    next time     remember
bang! bang!     we don't eat dirt!

1972, rev. mmvii

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