Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ode to a Dead Mouse

Dedicated to the fair Eufemia,
who said it couldn't be done

quashed, repugnant, verminous mouse
    that did unauthorized ransack my house
your territorial rights were nil
    you trespassed and now foot the bill
for damages accrued while tasting
    my best Gruyere acquired on Hasting
s at great expense: you are a dunce
    the Cheddar i’d have happily stood for
and shown you, compensation-wise, the door
    it is by choice, not chance
you are the victim of a circumstan-
tial boot, that crushed you flat
    while full of loot – i cried, “Take that!”


You squirm no more, in state you lie
    with spatula i had to pry
and drape you with the newsprint shroud
    don’t worry, mouse, i’ll do you proud
this moral text i shall recite
    in homage due for your last rite:

    a gourmand i respect as such
    but Gruyere cheese costs far too much!


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