Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life is incomparably general

ife is incomparably general
    not bounded by sentient thought's dimensions
        to you believers – deathly grip on creed or doctrine –
no use figuring on New Millenium or Utopian equivalent
or even Trumpet Voluntary signalling End convenient for Faithful
    Life is smidgin of larger Configuration     re-configuring
what exists before, after, as well as immediately presented

    Gödel's worked it out mathematically
"when all systems are go    some are gonzalez"
they wander off at will whithersoever
muttering "systems are abbreviated bore!"
black bodies    beyond ken    stepping over event horizon
    nothing complicated    just as you slip off your pants
to put others on     like that    matters of fact
because singularity precedes unity    odds before evens

    we all dig unity: "get in line and measure up!"
when bird's in hand, guess how out of touch authoritative guide is
as every birder knows, cart-before-horse-sense
care-of expansion of species defeating categorical definition
algorithmic growth exponential flattens into lessening degree of infinitesmal
mouthful    believe you me – biting off more than i can chew
which is point

            ... bringing us back to origin of origins
spectacular dust-up or much ado about nowt
just as likely as belike culmination of futurity
    we won't inhabit these bodies to benefit from belated invite
"step backstage    ladies and gentlemen!" Exeunt
as Shakespeare directed    to enter Caliban or Hamlet
    to be is not to be either one thing or t'other comedy or tragedy
life is incomparably general of issue never settled
    and here endeth first lesson: discontinuity awaits dispensation
nor contumely nor discontent can modify passage
    Life is not beribboned package sent poste restante finis
it only seems so from importunity

sight and insight, aware of allied senses
devoted to certainty,     fast-holding to chance
whichever lap to settle sore heads on
comfort Mother Nature reckons dispensable
discover nothing stays put!
baffled    bewildered    nigh on to panic
arraigned by emotions we cannot fathom –
where to turn?    surety hangs on "depends"
like children    stricken with fear of darkness and shadows
confronts self (not as 'other', but solitary)
at wits' end    end of wits' witness

by our feelings and thoughts are we grounded
here we stand as abyss opens up
when we lose our heads
dizzily shrinking back from edge of sanity
direction lost like weathervane spun by vagaries of wind
human dilemma awaits human outcome
pedestrian resolution:
come down to earth    look about you
this is who we are
this is where we live
this is how we got here: human savvy!
choices made by kindred spirits, never easy –
better to rely on what matters most
solid foothold where we belong
than cling to shirttails of ethereal omnipresences
manifest need secured, however humble
surer gain than conjuration of reward in abeyance


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