Friday, February 16, 2007

I don't believe

Poems from the 1970s

don't believe there is a god!
    show me!    smell taste touch
    knowledge of the senses
    plain     here at once
    untarnished by a patina of drivel
snivelling kids may jeer
    or simple simons sneer at a god
    according to their spleen
it's all a parcel
    a tissue
    a whooped-up
    big     whopping big    fabrication
    like those frocked halls of worship
    which is where He belongs

now me     the bloke what sweats his bucketful
    trying to cope
    wants a god that's more than a cope of stars
    a seat of mars
    a lolloping hunk of lovey-dovey
    downright bunk

well     i haunt the corners of my square-cut brain
    seeking to explain how super he aint
    no saint     no sinner     no provider     no winner
    no dope     no hope for the damned or wicked

thoo is what thoo is
    which means
    thoo aint no whiz!

197_ (rev. mm)

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