Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part VI

ums end
    granted no life f riley
    granted no regression to womb
    granted tombz stony finger z no headrest
    who looks to directions from whom

cums end
    granted wars supposed good for survivors
    granted desert z lucked-out hitchhiker
        taken fr ride
    granted sneakyeye z heavenly throwback
    whoz left to pull out apocalyptic plum

no cloud sheds tears over rude beginning
    no storm hoists thumb to beg ride
    no continent sewer empties guts uphill
    no millennium arrives c.o.d.
    when pissed-off moles reign warren as midden
    there ll be rakehay in hell to pay
    good bye common sun
    hello lackaday

composing lens f scrutinizing telescope
        tippled bottlez lookalike
    wondering eye at both ends
    mouth to neck f insight behold:
        graspin palm z match fr brandished fist
    wars gross out in subliminal averages
    n punytive peace selects havenots n kings

cums genuine halo-collared oracle
    seers hello thru peoplehole
    bringeth forth undergladtidings:
        puckerlips yields outlandish eclipse
    after crackle-n-pop doom fr breakfast
    crumbs f comfort to regale rumblin stomachs
        stockpilerz f proverbs n gunz
    tighten slack in apronstrings

cums down to what z up
    granted goateed n cloven-hooved one z out to pasture
    granted cinderella shoe-in fr princess
    granted infant millennium z no victim f lewd origin
        if alley z mooted pathway to salvation
    when firestormz brutal affront z brushwarred
        to cosy warm hearth
    'who z who' wont read 'o to whom' nah

no better beginning than feelin fit to bust
     getting leg off three o'pinioned stool
        thumb n tongue unstuck
    kiss off incidental luck n fly-by-night lottery folly
    kiss off glamour-spangled limousine lust
    kiss off primetime religious vaudeville
     song n dance fr god and begging bowl routine
kiss off beggarly dole fr havenots
        or toughtitty on saint anthonyz own
        runts o litter
    kiss off bouquet garni:
        raw malice green envy dried greed
        ground all-spite n crushed bitterroot f blame
     flavouring in transglobal stew
     pressure-cooker we lit fire under
    kiss off with alley loud:
        yeah amen n good riddance

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