Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part V

arsimonious mind picks over ruined feast
    leftover cornucopia
    sneaks off with crumbz comfort
    what z devoured joins incremental midden

hyenaz shit wormz titbits
    least averages most
    posthumous dance f musical chairs

who z kidding whom
    remonstrance about proprietary rights f critical telescope

terminal questions split tongue
    hyenaz slit tomorrowz exit fer patent scavenger
    anticipates wormz diet

questions terminate in ready-reckoning
    "cripples are fated"
    "fate cripples"
    become toothsome sops thrown to contentious workus packs

cums judgment
    weve worriedly worn record thin
    trumpet voluntary
    supposed to bring on cavalry
    conceal disappointment
    disguise chagrin
    heaven hath no brimstone fury
    like angel in sinbin

cums alley rhubarb chorus
    nyeah!     nyeah!    nyeah!
    heavenly brew-ha-ha first forswore us

run agony thoroughly
        round n round
    until we get dolour n sense
    record z worn us thin
    love aint grand
    love aint worth twocents
        cept when dollarz held in hand
    love z undressed mannequin
        upon crosstrees
    granted artless rejoinder:
        we are bigger than this

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