Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part IV

ho z nasty wiseacre politico
    advocating nuclear bloomstorm
    in gestalt amphoric cup
    we beware
    greeks bearing gifts

sunscorched miracles beyond mention
    suborn deserts
    decorate walls f monumental tombs
        surefire exclamation period

tonguetied recite no proverbs
    when doom becomes rule f thumb
        who holds record up to light f day
    tallyhoing score as foxes begin their run

heart cant compass proliferation
    nor hanged body avoid jounces t taut halter
    tethered camel cant enter eye f portal
    ruminating scientific telescope notwithstanding

such good beginning
    dark clouds don't believe in rain
    proverbs hang on crosstrees
    pluckable as ears f grain
    luck n desire twine as synonyms
    snow falls at Xmas on schedule
    gods content themselves with fun and games

such good beginning
    joyful voyage swung in salty waterz warm habitat
    through eras recapitulated
    importunate disjunction prompts laboured howl
    met with cosy teatz divine succulence

such good beginning
    prompts coup de scapegrace
    Tad throws snakeeyes with namesake
    maladroitz forfeit justifies usurperz omnipotence
    though how is not plain

such good beginning
    after promise of rosemarie dawn
    we'd leap helter skelter over himalayas
    instead sour losers debate wrathful wine
    eden honeymooners dispossessed
    opt for modicum f eternity in vain

behold    hotline protagonist
    cauliflower ear fer euphonious rhythms
    teaching deucedly dunces
    who squat hangdog
    like round pegs in four-cornered circle
    performing wrongheaded penances
    come on with crossed-up mating signals
    pugilists bound for fisticuffs
    as if taking "gotta eat own cadillac" concerns
        at plus literal value
    gets m squared off in frame for fame

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