Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part III (Tuesday Blogging)

hy does hell befriend fear
   yellow delight mucked up by dearie-me
   yelp tail-tucked between loins
   sliding away from afraidz welcoming charm
   resisting abrading miracle
   of being washed up with aphroditez foam

furrow ploughed ad lib
   share rotating determinate earth
   oxen stubbing hooves on precursory marbles
   writing is writ
   informing terra firma

great gas oven sun eyeballs horizon
   sugar-coated pasteldrawing job f nemesis
   moon twilights earth
   deaf eardrum f star
   paying dues in peripheral dalliance
   circumspect marriage avoiding crunch

touch n go catastrophes happen
   plague f hunches leapfrog to armageddon
   clearsighted window
   gazing out
   reminds us of eye f gods
   looking on from idle end of telescope

if pleading-dumb philosophers re-script no proverbs
   who stands holding oracular telescope
   does watchdog science own no mortal provenance
   is classical clearsightedness looking-glass
   whoz watching whom
   must we solipsize with yeahway:
      “i am what i am”
   and p.s. with popeye:
      “that’s all that i yam!”?

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