Sunday, January 14, 2007

We people - you and me - together

We people     you and me     together
we know the whether and if
that govern choice
not a reedy voice from god
nor a living-up to morals
(little red devils pointing the finger of scorn
wishing we were not born)

    what we want are mights and mays
these oughts are ways like pilgrim's progress
better left for them that raise
the hallelujah chorus
for us exactly-made is tailored to a fashion
fit to preach
we seek a definition like the sun that's out of reach

    at the cockcrow
we'll not beseech the keeper of the gate
for just desserts
no more of psalms or qualms or laud alarms
straight in the eye     shoulders high
we'll march to oblivion
which suits our mettle
boiling water never melted kettle

1970, rev. mmi

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