Saturday, January 20, 2007

to rhyme's a reason for making sense

Whoa! wot me, bend the knee to deity
because top of pecking order
as far as eye can see --
or stretches bestial herd mentality?

   stripe me pink! i can think!
venerate power for brute's sake
might as well pity the lake
for not being as big as the ocean
or shed a tear over small beer

   i drink when i list for thirst's own sake
and heed my thirst my thirst to slake
one notion is to and another is fro
where has that logic got us ... yo
into palace, city hall and gutters!

   dry up rain! cease storm! sunburst vanish!
what's left to cherish:
deserts seabeds and darkling hours
naked stripped of their potency
like a hired whore's quenched fire
a violation of love, will and desire

   we come to grief and loss   lament the cost
unappeased by reason we beg to heaven
for amelioration
why? let me guess--
as if ours were the deity's business

   top dog or bottom   win or lose
to be born we share the risk   no shame
welcome to breath, spirit's vital sign
never blame candle's fluttering flame
no sorcery exists up yonder
beyond the magic of our wonder


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