Monday, January 15, 2007

Meet your Maker Blues

Ive got a long-bodied woman
in a long-bodied car
i've opened the hatch up
and i'm smokin' a ceegar
guess what! ... i'm headed for a bar
with that long-bodied woman
in the long-bodied car
the drinks are on the house...
what am i waitin' for?

"meet your Maker with a prayer"
on the radio, saith the Preacher
"give up your black ceegar
give up your fancy woman
and the long-bodied car
'cos the Devil's got your number
and the Dreadful Hour is near!"

the traffic light's on amber
i'm headed for the bar
with a long-bodied woman
in a long-bodied car

let the Devil take the hindmost! -
foot tramped on the throttle -
though Doomsday is the Host
there's Redemption in a bottle!

when Trumpet sounds Up Yonder
i'll be struttin' in the Alhambra
smokin' my black ceegar
with a long-bodied woman
   i tell y'
Devil as bartender
diggin' Meet My Maker Blues
played all night on a long-bodied geetar

august mm

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