Friday, January 19, 2007

Keep Off The Grass!

   dear to mores
contrary to writ
rarely fit our earthly pleasures
lasting as they do
eternally in thought
   but deed is over momently
and so adieu to prohibitions
solicitor of hangups
mentor of repressions

   it's hello to franker feelings
and how to deal with love and lust and arrant rage
acknowledging our passions unashamed
and unafraid of social duress
   barbed wire barricade
to thwart our predilections
   a press of pressgangs
printers inking laws for whores and witches
indigents and sons-'f-bitches
which we take for granted
inescapably as ours

   finality is banality   don't you think?
so tip me a wink my merry lasss
and together we shall pass our laws of liberty
by coaxing what we will to be
free of logic's anonymity!
   walking if we care on grass
or lying on it
just as suits our fancy
like a pretty woman's bonnet

197_ (rev. mmvi)

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