Tuesday, January 16, 2007

if, generally speaking

if, generally speaking, in the main
and not as a general directive from Heaven
virtue is its own reward
then surely virtue reverts to an earlier meaning
a potential capacity to act of beneficial value
and not a gift requiring a gift in ceremonial exchange
such as a salute from those who watch unobserved
over our good moral behaviour
that tiresome facility acquired by paying attention
to the strictures of one's elders
though how our elders know what the unobserved observer
expects or demands     i am at a loss to explain
perhaps none of us is to be trusted
rotten to the core, originally deceitful, froward and recalcitrant
bad boys and girls
though that's not what i have noticed
could it be virtue is its own reward when it's not regarded as a virtue
but a simple act contrary to our originally sinful nature ...
oh dear, my mind is tied up in knots!
i'm inclined to believe the scholar monks and friars were right
when they dumped reasoning as a path to Heaven --
and isn't a virtue
i've eaten of the tree of knowledge
rotten apple to the core
and time to spit it out --
bluntly, to hell with rewards
they select the few with whom i am not generally on speaking terms
exceptional behaviour is its own reward, nobody wins or loses
though benefits may accrue
moral: don't expect any special favour for favour given
    let things fall out as they may and will; that's virtue
and do me a favour, forget i uttered a word

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