Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Easy rider

Saturday sunday sanity
where have you gone?
      america marches on
from a.m. to p.m. to the sound of a drum
   pompoms on field of play and battle
   marching in like array
   before the bug-eyed black box
      chips off the old block ready to turn
burn baby burn! till even a liberal worm will squirm
   tail up escaping the insanity of bloody humanity
      seven days a week of wonder
      fifty-two weeks of fear and anger
   for a year's annual return
      the holocaust
the holy cost of dying
   bits and pieces flying
   miasma of plasma
   shit and buttons mixed
      hallelujah     son-of-a-bitch     ditched
   pitchforked into purgatory
git along little dogie!     the all-american west
   just went thataway!     unbutton your vest
you stink without the sanctity of saturday sunday sanity
       deodorant vanity?     ugh!


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