Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The earth is a plaything

he earth is a plaything
    the globe is a toy
from sandlot to shingle
    from suburb to sky

tis not gods that are playing
    tis not gods that here strive
tis vicissitude's willing
    the gods they do skive

and if from these hazards
    some good should arise
tis not what the gods planned
    oh no, that's all lies!

tis right here on earth
    that we'd find a reprieve
born of our suffering
    this faith we'd believe

that here lies our birthright
    and all is not lost
the earth is our freehold
    the world is our trust

goodbye to the gods' rule
    goodbye to their plan
in humanity's name
    goodbye and amen

it's faith in a venture
    contingency's throw
gaining a purchase
    amen and let's go!

1997 (rev. mm)

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