Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus (Tuesday Blogging)

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus
   or Sane Tongue Worth Thousand Manners

Fickle fingers at point
   seeking out Tad
      who would stand for Simple Simon yearnings
      stoolbound in corner
      dunce cap anointed

Tad, we proclaim,
   though greater machinations get abroad
   over dead bodies
   than ABC’s abrogated

Oyez   Oyez   Oyez
   Hey man   Hey man   Hey man
   O yeah   O yeah   Oyeah

Thumbstruck Tad
   fundament three o-pinioned
   R for rogue
   R for rebel
   R for refractory

      alley will lull y
      alley will fool y
      alley will school y
      sully me none
      heads will nod
      t’others will roll
      hey ho me hardhearties n bullyboyz
      alley lullaby ‘ll rule y!

Tad, one ear bugged by radio hot line wiseacre
   whoz tossin stone with malapropos zeal
   t’other boxed by Salomez head-on-platter song

      let’s all sing Salome’s song
      let’s all sing Salome’s song
      let’s all sing Salome’s song
         sin, gentlefolk, please!

      if’n everybodyz victim
      all hands turn up clean
      whoz to blame?
      let’s all play hide-n-go-seek-‘m-out:
      anomalees, if you please … first!

If’n everybodyz victim
then everybody can be predator
But top must be on bottom
   bottom must be on top
That’s the rules of the game!

babe in manger
   idiot on stool
   what do they have in common
   when one was born to rule?

tother was not meant for throne or parliament
   he was taught misbegotten role:
   how to play the fool

shapes!   we come born in shapes
   some shapely, some misshapen
   by whose standards?
   critical eye! prejudicial I!

exception to rule of order
   Tad by election
   posted kittycorner to schoolroom
   pilloried figure of shun
      for pointed sniggers and gibes

here he reigns
   anointed with generation’s dust
   dunce’s cone for crown
   he shall moan
   he shall whimper
   he shall not cry uncle
   with temper main gauge and helpmeet:
   to hot blood and cold circumstance
      he shall knuckle down

come! sez alley-loud-yeah prophet
   i’ll spin you tuppeny dream
   i’ll box you shadow play
   i’ll sing you te deum
   i’ll hymn you alley-loud-yeah anthem

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