Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus (Tuesday Blogging)

(Note: this is a long poem, in 50 sections plus prologue. I will be posting one section per week, on Tuesdays. The cumulative sections to date will be posted in the sidebar, under "Alley Loo Yeah Chorus".)

Prologue to Alley Loo Yeah Chorus

i laurie fond old man
    eking allotment of sand in hourglass
    reminded of surplus
    how soon permission for astonishment
    search for foot-on-neck remedy

big z wunderful
    infra dig z mean
    big z little hierarchy
      writ large on silhouette screen

when bottom line
    reads in red
    “bottoms spanked”
    arent further bottoms
    with common weals striped?

peckin order scores big
    among mates
    who figger to rate higher
    on richter scale
    attendant fallout from causalties
    by rogues, bullies n ingrates

i fond old man
    exchanging baton
    meant for play or war
    hand down to successor
    soldiering on
    in fellowship anon

this my prologue
    this my witness
  written under rubric
    of westering sun

mcmdcccviii rev. mm

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