Saturday, December 24, 2016

i wuz listnin t radio

i wuz listnin t radio
    oh hum    oh hum
i wuz listnin t radio
    oh hum    oh hum
dratted news it cum
dratted news it cum
    oh hum    oh hum

nary smile nor laff nor song
nary smile nor laff nor song
    dry az mud an crackt frum sun
    dratted news it cum    ho hum

orlz daid    it sed    orlz daid
oh hum orlz daid n gone
    an more t cum    oh hum
                datz orl ...

    hey wotz dis ... i xclaim
    hey wotz dis ... i xclaim

... t'aint fit    i sez
... t'aint fit    i sez
no weepin    no outcry    silent az morgue

... here i be adrift    bulgin wid tears

    so youze free i thot
    free    freed by necessitee
    freed frum barkin o fiery muzzles
    free frum breath t protest
    free frum breath t protest u'd be
    ifn u had voices ... !

soz i wuz listnin t radio
    hoho hum

nov mmxiv

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

i cud swear

tich backhouse hiz thorts

i cud swear

jest caint 'member wot peoplez call 'm such
    on tip o' me
damn    beyond gettin at
    aint seen heerd
outta touch lately
    don' blame me cos ize senile
muss be summat don' matter much    'cept
    sunpun cute 'n cuddly-like
naw thin 'n scraggly like unto skinflintz beard
    neider wun close t'
un-comp-promisin big wurd serry-ee-bral
    'normous round zero wid halo
yus    like oh forever
    no buts more importink
most importink
    gosh    oughta luke this up
on everwunz tongue seems like
    seems like luminates wotz sed
'n dont    soz    i lose track

oh sorry nurse    beggin yr pardin
    jest thunkin out loud
talkin to missen    silly ord duffer   yus
   'bout wotz ober me haid
summat t' do wid rite 'n wrung
    i wert clebber wuncet
seems capital letters allus were wot i tuke me hat orf t'
    not outta respeck cos twere axpected
same az    don' go    i'd nearly got it    s'trooth
    thatz it     wurd   i fergit
supper up yit?

 dec mmx

Sunday, November 16, 2014

tipple-tale blues

whan u got a wumman
    whan u got a wumman
sturdy an strong
    hey keep dat sweetheart wumman
    hey keep dat sweetheart wumman
she dont do u no wrong
    hey keep dat sweetheart wumman
    hey be sure dat sweetheart wumman
she won nebber do u wrong

oh yeah allus keep her happy
    yus allus treat her good
oh allus keep her happy
    allus keep her wooed
aint no joy meant like it
    alike dis tipple-tale blues
cos nite n day u trust her
    oh allus keep her wooed
oh allus i sez oh allus keep her wooed

 nov mmxiv

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Old man, old man

old man old man
    where do you go
over t'hill my dear
    to be laid low

old man old man
    how long i wonder
six feet my dear
    and ditto under

old man old man
    i wonder why
reasons like seasons
    come and go by

old man old man
    shall i be told
too soon you'll be wiser
    oh you too shall grow old

 aug mmxiv while laid up with sore hip

Thursday, October 30, 2014

when there's no words

when there's no words left
    your mind's adrift
exhaustion threatens
    better rest easy
shut off the world
    questions left unaddressed
may sunlight flit through high leaves
    quirk any fancies
and grounded shadows
    cease to fall across
eyes blinking with tiny dust flecks afloat
    comes happy surrender
void of inquiry
        settles on breast
nothing enabled exists

Monday, October 27, 2014

I've got icycles

i've got icycles in my brain
let them fall like warm rain
from bosom's heat    held and
commiserated with gentle hugs
to fold up the pain    lesions unfreezing
and when i can regain
my original composure sure
i'll be off easing
tight-lipped aporia's door open
no doubts to explain

The aporetic method: raising of puzzles without offering solutions.
i.e. intellectual state of perplexity


Friday, October 24, 2014

Of its own mind

better than half lies
half to be heard
and half winked at
for you to figure
better than half truths
living out their half lives
like impotent sparks
of a damped fire
better than non sequitur
led by the nose
none knows where
what we should stand for
is what we are
resolute in choosing
or letting go
how schooling heart
half understanding
sui generis says
in fathomed approval
despite your honorific
shall and shoulds
might and mays

jan, mmviii

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Grinds y down

it grinds y down
    i tells yer
it grinds y down
    wearworn careworn
    beaten battered
b day by day
it grinds y sum
it grinds agin
    wot kin i do
    wot i ask kin i do
sore an mizerabble
haid an joints perticklar
o haid suffers
    well    u know u know
wut goez on inside
    and t stretch
    breathe deep
    is luxury fair
u know
ifn yer course crosses
wid hex
b day by day
soonz yer hup
so soonz yer down
    not funny
taint alike clownz anticks
tiz shape of fortune
    grindz yer darn

sept, mmxiv

Saturday, August 23, 2014

if only

if only what impended
if only it descended
if only singly singing
if only you and i    yes
if only we did
if only what would
if only hoped for should
a plague on this only if

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bring along your babies oh

Bring along your babies oh
mother dear!     never fear
the worst    for when the petals burst
the bud will quicken the blood
red eye of the sun to shine fiercely
down     down     down     until . . . thistledown
puff     gone     flown
to seed again     mother dear
dear earth mother
so never fear the worst
bring along your babies oh!