Monday, February 10, 2014

slang who's who

There's not a god-fearing bone in his body
    yes    ever-ready to embark on a lark
take up a dare come fire and brimstone
hurled    tackle his corner of the world
straight on    bold to go to    never shy    never shirk
    succeed or fall short    tis all one
come sun dance march stumble
wale like trough of sea    wash of storm
falling to lee      beached      blunder on
eyes blinded    bloody hurt    hop to it
here mate hold yer end up    cain't drop
oppo in slough    enough ain't never
till you're through this remember what's what
find how when where duty dandy does
when well-met again chum    did he though
snuff it    tis bye bye    one last call    cheers

so reads his epitaph    so reads his years


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