Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Apropos sue's crab: sadly expired anon

The more i'm aware
    the less i'm sure
that what's extempore
     can by apriori
conniving endure
     in form bewildering
beyond my powers
     interpretive and rare
neither through insight
     nor imagining how
metaphor can pull us
     through this nameless      to wit:
we ineluctably expire
     and interpenetrate
another sphere
     like potential drawn
from what's not there
    and certainly conserve our ego
by repair through unfathomed elements
     from here to
oh where      o where

dec 10th mmxiii

** reference: christopher marlowe
"dr faustus" act v scene ii lines 1926-82
"all beasts are happy, for when they die,
their soules are soone dissov'd in elements"

Sunday, September 8, 2013

tich,hiz sez so

tharz no izms
nor no ortaz
handed darn frum wharebber
bein wurdz o whizdumb
atellin youse how t direck
n vex yore hexisthence
dat bares luckin at
nor no rulez neider drawin line
bout wotz wot n wotz nut

naw youz free t gratifie
yer owen sussposes
dey nebber thort on
n stop dis botherin yr napper
wid endless rashnull argymeantz
n luke   darz plentyus ohriginal happensense
whar wot iz wot iz nebber twice

jest lissen up
cos thoos thissen
nut sumbuddy else out thar
swych twist o lojik splitz yer resolve
same az how izms hurds wurds t market
an yer ortaz fullathinkless tasks

pull thissen thgither
thoo iz hidentitie o wun
singular bein
do wot iz t be dun
no messin up
plain tiz an wellcum
cheer up ebrywun
tich seez aye t aye wid youse
gib m hell

aug mmxiii

Monday, August 26, 2013

pleasure at eight-six

feet up   enjoyin nix
        no effort   no advice
depends aint in it
        jest lie back   let irksome
must   wave bye bye
        muscles wunce taut  past tense
why shape up
daisical duz it

afore me droopin eyez
        white-crowned sparrer an younker
retrieve seeds let fall
        by fumblebum chickadees
bickerin at feeder over haid

swych effort
        calls fer doze . . .
        wotz dis   brazen sun
        evades shiftless shadow
        ruffles me stilliness
        competes wid impertinent
        heat   fer equipose   mine
        wot comfit were aint

        hey sum booby move me lounge chair
           thinks i   wurld dont care
        tis hanomally o dotard yearz
                wharz respeck?

        move self arguably indoorz
           fallz into wheelchair
         . . . ZZzzzzz

july mmxiii

Friday, August 23, 2013

I have lived

not lost   found
in cross hairs
deja vue glimpses
what i lived
from   through
no matter importance
then   no reasoning ties
exceptions   my eyes
open on   passed not by
here culls of reflection
recollection rather as happens
another flashback
to my life being
nearly done   how
exquisite these intents
thereby of now
in this parvue
summed-up fragments
connect thankful
twas what is i
am   source of being
unfolds with sufficiency
i have lived

july mmxiii

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

No slackening

falterin' steps of age
        hop skip and stumble
leaning on cane which bows to gravity
        grave deterioration
this lack of resolve
        stiffed by pain . . .
oh come off it
        you sorry twit
tis not terra firmer you eye
        look up with level head
staunch and no slackening
        a . . . ten . . shun! eyes front, shoulders back!
let apes shamble
        yes plod on no sweat

so i am worn as loose chinstrap
        cheer up!   calls robin on top of form
wise is his song

to listen   brokendown and sore
        i can chortle   haw haw
sky through plane tree leaves peering
        generous beatitude   fortunate apertures
bidding lift spirits   humane gesture
        no denying

july mmxiii

july mmxiii

Monday, August 19, 2013

Feeling tells

feeling tells what
whether mind accords
with uncertain why
weeping tears
let fall unbidden
be glad   pity on
bended knees   put aside
joyous arises approval
lent to sustain
through daunting doubt
oh shyly fond simple
smile marks brow
mellow eyes gazing
wonders at insight
how seen revealing
where understood
throws near and far
in focus   still being
embraced immediately
altogether gathered
let go   bye and bye
again may resume
while knowing nods

may mmxiii

Monday, March 4, 2013

Scatter seed

catter seed for peckish juncos
  among fallen maple leaves
and dormant plants
where they happily stop scurry
pick pick pick eager to feed
back after summer migration
and i retire to feed with eyes
eager to eat it up

 snowbirds entertaining
long restover till spring
populate bare garden
stripped of cheery flowers and fresh greenery
winters order to fall:
i like it desolate

 hard to imagine buried roots
under earth devotedly
storing strength for renewal: sapience

constancy in absence
task of growth not entered lightly
no flighty pledges of bosom love
    oh wringing of high-handed heart
you may yet
versed in comings-and-goings
discover trust

presence of mind in absence
remaining steadfast
see what lodges in-between places
found hither-thither and yon
gathering through spaces of whirling swirling
what's to do being done

oh safely cherished
vital proof persistence
urge to confirm what's called natural behaviour
in recognition of constancy met

november mmxii

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Should I lament

Oh should i lament
    when lived to play outdoors
breathed content
    apron-strings fell off
should i now with pen poised
    deny what happened
may duly and let unruly
    fast as young legs can carry me
backwards and fall
    helplessly laughing
into glassworks' field
    among wild headhigh grass
thronged with huge michaelmas daisies
    turn beckon to my best pal
    “gie us a hand up!”
wander together along familiar ditch
    source of frogs and merriment
dare each other
    leaping across bank to
slip     and darn! one shoe wet
    leave sock on rock to dry

days of youth yes animated with fun
    and excruciatingly bygone
dwelling in some folds of aged brain
    these still-eternal years
and i gathering wrinkles
    instead of child's play
unbegrudged and yes as if erased
    with catch in laugh no-one can hear

december's dying year mmxii

Monday, February 18, 2013

First and last companion

chest swells
    lungs expand
receiving deep draught of air
    which heart pumps
infusing blood with oxygen
    nexus of felt rhythyms
inhale    exhale
    breathing reconciles body to self
how comforting this closeness
    snug within
servicing vital need
    ah tis grand
throb and pulsation
putting pain aside
    where it belongs
suffering to be alive
    one life and one destiny
    ah me    ah me
tis thou and i
    dearest inspiration
together twain
    both faithful
one indrawn breath
    let out
first and last companion

nov mmxii

Friday, February 15, 2013

Salve yersen

... sez tich

Whan yr flindered
    hits rite whar y are
spring o feelin
    gits t flowin clear
an bubblin up
    az if suckin air
passions demand    oh aye
    mid joy an grief
weds pathos to ethos
    ownin i am i afore itz me
birthrite inherent
    each bairn t cherish
'n betimes larnin wurld wurkz utterwise
so tis yourn t let free
    outta lap o void
as case we iz tolt
    wid forebears o yore
frum well-bein were ticed
    (course no witness were thar)
now tiz you az you are
    eyes a-streamin
or raisin y voice    hahaha
    don matter
yer iz whar y shud be
    widdin reach o yippee
oh yeah

july mmxii
tich backhouse, hiz poemz

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


y' knowz that don' y'
nut ever'body
just becuz do
mos'ly those wid innardz
wot feels
wot feels th' goinz on
orl over
orl over selfsame
same az t'other
cherish t'other
happenz 'tween
snuck atween
cuddly th'githerness
aint orl
aint orl at all
stuck th'gither
meanz i iz you
an' you iz me
how treated
each other how self-respecktin
seez it     wot i sez
two bodiez con-cum-mitted
large word for wotz meanin
four letterz or thereabouts
so i sez    sotiz wid us
you 'n me
happens mos' surely
  an' dearlyodearly
wid both on us
wid    you 'n' me

jan mmxi

Monday, February 11, 2013

From where we come

From where we come
    to where we go
blithe or careworn
    all same fare
from here to there

to cry bloody tears
    as if breathing's sin
to hang heads low
    to weep deep within
has house caved in

to where we go
    from where we come
home between homes
    destiny's children
shuttled to and fro

is elsewhere home
    or this our abode
nowhere's children
    blown far abroad
on wind's highroad

thus we shall travel
    thrall to who's will
elements kindred
    as if to redress
our inimical role

we abide with wonders
    no deals from fate
no questions    no answers
    is earth purloining
death's estate

aug mmvii

Saturday, February 9, 2013

There's a downside

There's a downside to everything
    not necessarily bad
our way of watching the clock
    ticking off the seasons
the years like a handy roll of film in a camera
    pictured spooling off or on
click click looksee looksee
    that's how the present gets shaped
first closeup then distant
    as we look over our shoulder
turning the yet-to-be into the once-was
    forgetting what comes next is now

    distinctions like Spring -Summer
are threaded by our feelings, our wishes thoughts
    into daisy-chains to play with in fancy
this Spring that is now waxing into Summer
    foretells a waning of the sunlit hours
turning Summer on its head
    and with the downside we expect
travel fun holidays delights at the table meetings
    but life is all one picture
unembraceable as that one picture
    and the glimpses we get
startle us into recognizing
    all seasons have their fling

july mmxii

Thursday, February 7, 2013

They touched beaks

They touched beaks
those cheeky chatty dee-dees
black mustachioed beggars
the two of them
affectionately on parting
and i
touched    had to laugh
eskimos rubbing noses
intimation of sensibility
their legacy and ours
shared among folk of air land sea
as surely as
general booth's welcome into heaven
(i'd join the uproar
had i been there)
witness to fellow-feeling
embraces don't need sophistication
simplicity comes through
seen eye to eye
to caress
is blest

july 30 mmxii

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When I breathe no more

When I breathe no more
good salty air of sea
or fresh breeze of stormcoming
lord of death's accounting tablet
let my name stink of earth
and tincture of flowers
with rain soaking this precious mantle
her covering and girdle    my mother
for to her breast again i would return

july mmxii

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Drink ter me lonely

Tich Backhouse; hiz say-so

hoo hoo    hey thar lass
thoo looks rite toward n pleasin dis morn
i ha taken t thoo
mos liken goddess hebe
eben her o comely ankles
hoo dwelleth on cloud nine

sniff . . . watz up wit nose in air
most like common sort that carries on endless
nag nag nag    bellyful o scorn
an grey hanks o hair t boot

sure tis allure o witchery den
cud ha sworn that swich grace n glamoor
o goodly thoo    walks nut touchin groun
neck poised like jug on haid balancin
pearlz shamed be teeth fer brilliance
an cheekz abloom fresh peach fuzz
shakin f queenly haid    eyen two lites o dawn sky peepin
glory bee    i ha glimpsed nun be match o thine . . .

but stay    tis contumely do i spy
angelic countenance shrewish wid distaste
az if swallered loathsome bolus stead o hambrosia
an dis rude finger accusin    go ter ..ll

ize off mistook likely lass fer cupidz owen
fer sartin lucky iz tich    thoo'd bin parfait scold
allus beyon reach    marbelous statue    hi-n-matey
yus ize gonzo    no sonnets writ in bucolic tongue
me nose buried in froth o suds seekin dioneesus bottom
no posterity fer yrs unruly cept owen cheery sel
findin comfort in arms o blacksmit good ale
herez t u folks    stay singular marrit t quiet life

Tich Backhouse, Nov. mmxii