Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tich Backhouse: hiz sayso

Me ize missen
nut nobuddy else
ober wurld roun
nah nor twixt crak
whar anomalese dwell
tis i tich   no swell
nor yer reglar labrin lot
wot bends t menial wheel
fer pifflin spondulix

natch ize wun up on dat
born wid finger t nose n cheek in tongue
idle sot   so be u sniffs
tiz i tich employer o sel
printer n purveyor
o filosofical tracks   otiose broadsides
n literatchure airin unwashed linen in public
plus bills fer whar u stix no bills
delivery on skadoodle
t be found tween handles o me wheelbarry
patrollin byrne road
convenient t hostelry fer sake o bendin arm
usually restin on me hernia

haha u thinks tis snivellin objet o derishun
i bin sneered at be better'n you

yus when i wuz bankcrypt
orl sincet me landlady bad cess
boughten me out under me nose
preshush debentyerz went pff
an i nexit on hunkers
shamefaced afore domainearring
xemplar f rules whar i hellocated atween lines
nixed pleadin fer doleful scrip

ah yus   sincet f no account
donut count me in r out
cos i iz wot i iz
sweet genevive me genius
just same az missen
wot wafts on contra-airy pinions
speshully wid blissful tankard
o blacksmit harms best brew in me mitt
an rises t necesity f yuze hearkenerz
stannin height o full four foot six an a bit
blushfully declaimz
tis orl me eye n betty martin

Tich  hiz sayso
oct mmxx+i

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