Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In company of angels

In company of angels
no doubt music
medium of heavenly expression
for sounds born of where why what if
would be clucked out of marble halls
imperilled as they are with uncertainty

thuswise we keep our feet on ground
under doubt's contrary shadow
in purposeful endeavour
to wring out of refractory consonants
and arbitrary vowels
what stands in for
what is behind standing in for

affinity found by imagination
beyond witness reason
can with agreement
no question raised
join our divided parts
and arrive where wisdom fails
discovering in womb's
combobulative song
eloquent tongue
our throats with wing├Ęd chords
leaping through lusty strains
will dare angelic choirs
exhuberant response:

hail ye boo-ba-boo yeah ...!


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