Saturday, March 22, 2008


ho hesitates at death – I'm one
    what hinders crossing over?
burden of ownership
once shed … gone!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


ingularity's blast
    so long ago
paean of praise
    don't serve now
many more
    big bangs due
fabled last days
    or cycle anew?


Monday, March 17, 2008

If i say kissing someone

f I say kissing someone
suits my fancy,     do you know
whose lips I mean?    or if I say
love's will be done    do you care
whose eyes return my stare
this heart has guarded forty-one
done-to-a-turn     sizzled    frazzled
seasons    those long hot summers
dazzled by the sun
that turned out bummers!
so if I say    kissing someone
come what may will repay
my fancy    do you care
my eyelids stare    fold over
like errant balls
lost in neighbours' gardens
with forty-one summers
beyond recall?
do you care    do you care
do you unreward my stare
debonair one whose lips
I mean    I mean to own?

mmlx, amended mmvii

Saturday, March 15, 2008

As the peony bud

s the peony bud
bends on a slender
my heart's opening
bends in deference


No exceptions

"Each of us
        must eventually be alone
    so why kid ourselves
        love can make any exceptions?"
he said
    as he slipped into bed beside her
    beside himself
she grunted
"brother, don't work yourself into a lather
        before the event
    never fear, you'll be alone soon enough
        after we're done"

together they made out
    hand in hand    face to face
        under the white sheet
    laying ghosts


Thursday, March 13, 2008

The draught of your going

he draught of your going
has followed you across the room
and I wait in a vacuum of grief
until the breeze of your return

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wotz purpose o life: Leckcheer by Tich Backhouse

eckcheer deliberated t macadam road senile delinquents club

Wotz purpose o life
whyfor consarned u axes
u wants rewards o virtue extended
u wants orl same benefit o dayly labour
u wants many appy ansum returns o loot bespeculated
lissen up Tich tellz wot sovran purpose
yore breathin goodly air dat won't b wasted iz

purpose o life iz wurk
i sez wurk cos energy subtile dynamick wot drives dis wurld on ourz
frum direpad babbies thru to daffy-down-dilly ol codgerz liken uz
plus frilly matronz gon whoopee in haid
tiz gran prime mobility holz us tergither
youze brite eyes gotta earn keep wid bothersum chores
so duz brawny dodger hoose labourz amountin ter hercules hissen
akeepin u-nanimated iz objeck
ebry cell o body corpuscular strainz nerves t limit
conjining wun fer orl n orl fer wun in determinal mind
wot u callz concert performance
till u stanzaz ereck an attainz stature
each in proper sequins
swich configgerz ackchual critter
human beenz wot we iz bein wot we iz
allus adoin summat no matterz wot
yore walkin talkin laffin dancin sobbin
noddin orf ter zzzs iz orl wurk
wurk taxes care on us – n we taxes precarious
or we flies tangential to curves ob big round O
so jest hitch up yer skirts
r tighten yer bibs-n-braces az maybe
weze destinned ter keep agoin strong
weaken den ony den purpose erecks sanitorial haid
uze gotten rid of
rubbish litterin lanzscape fairboden
tis ony rite circumstanzas given az iz
wot dont wurk dun deal
savvy now up n atom


Friday, March 7, 2008


ride is the rock
on which my ship breaks
and I find myself
treading the cold water
where once I thought
I walked


Thursday, March 6, 2008


uck you
I'm it
the centre pin
of what makes the welkin ring
and I don't apologize
one bit


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Minstrel Passes

o whistle and sing
A trivial thing
But a note that I wrote
Told a tale
And the song I have borne
In my throat
Like the musical call
Of the whale
Or the humming-bird whir
Tells a tale
Fit to hear, from a friend
A trivial tale
With no end
A rise and a fall
That is all.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Predatory Cherry


redatory cherry tree
assaults foundations
of untoward building
fruitless endeavour
enraged colony emerges
topples with blade and saw
full flower of its glory

april, mmv

Monday, March 3, 2008

Little Brown Buddha

little brown buddha
wooden god
before I go to the land of nod
tell me
this yearning for another
is it worthwhile?
I see you smile
stretch    fill out your belly with breath
and resume your yawning


Carnal Tulip


arnal tulip
like arachnid creature
with prehensile crimson limbs
staining escalloped frills
of creamiest cream
black eyes hideous within


Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Blue Tit

he Blue Tit sits on the orchard bough
her avian mind consults the now;
        sun and flowers and crows and bugs
she perches she poses she sniffs the breeze
    she shrugs and sings, “I’m quite at ease
        with sun and flowers
            attending the hours
    as if things were planned to do as i please”
“That’s what i think,” the Blue Tit sings
    on the orchard bough
        blithely folding her wings.


We're back!

Due to health and other issues, this blog has not been updated for several weeks.

We're back to normal now, and daily posting will resume. To the half-dozen of you who have been faithfully dropping in, thank you, and keep coming back.