Thursday, January 31, 2008

What does heartache matter

hat does heartache matter
taint matter of what you can earn
taint matter of playing holy on sunday
taint what you hardheaded could learn

what does heartache matter
squeeze my heart like a garlic press
i bleed the sweetest tincture from hurting
and hurting, whom can i bless


Saturday, January 12, 2008

of its own kind

etter than half-lies
    half to be heard
and half to be winked at
    for you to figure

    bettter than half-truths
living out their half-lives
    like impotent sparks
of a damp fire's dalliance

    better than non sequitur
led by the nose
    and off we go
none knows where

    what we stand for
is what we are
    resolute in choosing
more resolute to care

    schooling heart survives
with lessons learned and understood
    sui generis
in fathomed appraisal
    despite your honorific
shall and should


Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year's Resolution

h lord
     i promise
tomorrow i'm crossin over
    i promise     i promise
goin on t'other side

cant help lovin and hopin for today
cant help it less than suicide
what d' y' do now y' do what y' do
    except promise
        mouthful o' hope
    I cain't swaller
        'n i promise lord
tomorrow 'm crossin over
goin on t'other side

lord     i recognize
    infernal grandiose
        smoke machine's scenario's
            gonna capture y'
if y' don seek eternal rapture

but for today lord
    gotta stay till i get a preview peek
    gotta wait 'n see

oh i promise
    yes i promise
whate'er betide
i'll be yours truly
i'll cross way over
tomorrow i'm goin on t'other side

mcmxcix rev. mmviii

Jesus is the most

esus is the most
he's my favrit
talk show host
though julius caesar seizes me more
because he reports from
both ends of the spear


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Having acknowledged...

aving acknowledged
    the great least understood
having tested the quality
    of the celestial garment's hem
having maundered on the rim
    of the joyless void
having clapped one hand
    in response to the keenest zen koan
do I then run about
    like a crazed teen fan
    waving the vaunted signature
nor do I lie back moping
    as if my hands were tied