Sunday, December 16, 2007

Two faithful wives

wo faithful wives
    or perhaps wise women
the art of theatre
    drawn as if from the life
japanese ladies choosing flowers
    for the elaboration of their simple bowers

an exemplary scene
    reminds me of our happy excursions
and the wayside companions we apprize
    with many a will-we or shall-we
as an excuse for dilly-dallying
    you and me, lass
no nonsense between us
    though much that is nonsensical, nevertheless

led up and down the garden path
    by the wonders under our noses
agreeable disposed to each other
    and what most distracts to take note of:
winged and leggèd creatures
rocks and rockbound
plants and trees in the season
and clouds chimerical
    as soon assembled as let go

just-so happiness
    is sustained thereby
for permanence exists in the ephemeral
    and our fondness – call it how you will
the disposition and the pursuit thereof
    being in the present tense persists
letting the clock go about its business unobserved
    hands that practice due diligence
till we decide the tense is perfect
    and call a stay for tea

i love our humble silly-sallying
    and a common delight in the commonplace
a regard most rare
    shared perhaps by these two wise women
     or faithful wives
which shall be my image
    that i bend to pick as a whimsical posy
a tribute in your honour
at this Winter Solstice
year two thousand and three


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