Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Sister Antigone

y sister antigone
    she is alas long gone
a broken knee and gangrene
    sent her to kingdom come

sent her to kingdom come
    amen amen    well done
dear sempiternal sibling she
    in agony passed on

amen amen    sad tears    shed he
    recalling who she was
dear sister     worn by duty
    thought chores a worthwhile cause

she chased a cow    it fell
she did into a ditch
on top of her pellmell
my sister    underneath    oh hell!

the cow     the bitch – if cow can be
    fell headlong     toppled down
a mucky ditch    with my antigone
    sent her thus hobbling home

so now at night i cry outright
    antigone long gone!
a broken knee and gangrene –
    it cuts me to the bone!

on darksome eves when twilight fades
    in shades of pitch and tar
a figure flits from path to ditch
    it is my sister – ah!

antigone    antigone    anent god’s bane
    you’ve left me sore bereft
until the cows come home     i mean
        the milking’s never done!


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