Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part XIII

ow many fractured bits can brain juggle
    mind-boggling kaleidoscape gives us fits
    dismiss putative genius machine
    analytical engine cant handle contrary witz end
    logicz compulsion     versus compunctionz prick

take recess
    fork out excess from wallet
    looksee corny carnivalley routine
    whether you eye manna r elixir
        snake-oil mountebank
        gets famous two-cents worth leg-in-door

take yr shibboleth    truth
    other-worldly conception
    high-minded n high-handed
    takes pride in belonging
    implies diabolical opposite
    them n us scenario

summon alley law     yeah
    prima facie case
    synthetic origin

    birth n death
    nearest portals to herebeforeafter
    apposing miniscus in peristaltic tube
        whose orifaces
        neither unfriendly nor benign to lookers-on
    what z behind aint principals 'r participants
    not so z we can tell

comes consummate logic
        ulterior test
    logic z fabulous butcherz hook
        holds pertinent carcass up to light
        dwells at cutting edge
            molesting or unobserved as


alley pince-nex whiz sez
    use logix excruciating zeal
        as if own tippytoes were dancing
            on knockaway stool
    logix    antiscorbutic
        headhunter n torturer
    logix    occamatic doctor
        cuts afflatus
        sutures deflated windbags
    logix     private soldierz housewife
        kept in knapsack next futile baton
    logix     neat accomodation
        twixt jack sprat n spouse

resident alley pince-nex whiz sez 2
    logix    bullyboy rack f stag
        f'r browbeatin upstart tads
    logix     ebb n flood climacteric
        like doughty salomon salt n freshet battle
    logix     cartwheels denied necktied gantry birds
    logix     man-o-war walkin on air
        over chops n combers
    logix    triumph 'f mindin over matter
        transverse n logitudinal propagations
    cos matter rules mind    natch

    logix    object lesson in lab n lav
        ports n heads fr snoopin n poopin
    logix     poker-faced intro
            to wild cards n boneyard

        some tricks run tally-ho in packs
        some knaves grab tarts


        when logic fails
        dice n heads roll
        all bets off

alley bywords n o-biter dicta

    nix on strong medicine
    massive dose moral reason
    thrust holus bolus down gullet
        from pulpitz height
    as if prescription for what ails y

lookit cop-out nostrumdamnus
    heady spoonfulz dial-mass-f-pottage
        sorrel leaves for poets
        noun secateurs for philosofussers
        soupcons for garcons

lookit snakebitten victims f jacobz ladder salesmen
    dumped back on no-soon-tomorrow square zero
    waitin to throw fixit six
    chuckleheadz dice handicap

lookit turnagain worthy citizen
    pussyfootin-boots exemplar
        for mutinous subjects n refactory masses
    justifyin consignment f daffydowndillies
        to dark lordz dominion
    headstrongarmed    contingents f liabilities
    shepherded like vehicular particulars
        down gauntlet freeway to tomorrowyeah

    may alleyways rule y

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