Sunday, January 14, 2007

I am Forsworn

i am forsworn to belief in unbelief
the unknowable as unknowable
why should i mock the righteous believer’s lore
since it would violate my own persuasion of ignorance?
turnabout’s fair play! an aye for an aye
and a nay for a nay ...
you that impugn my honour with alleged guilt and blame
as if i were attaindered by your cateschismatics
must be reminded that the afterlife is not life after life
it is departure from this life
it is death! plain words for plain works
redemption and salvation are the obsessive gambler’s
all or nothing staked on a throw of the dice
the irreproachable is not irresponsible
and i cannot blaspheme against the absolute
whose honour is beyond insult’s stain
just so, the wind of the mouth is a breath in a bent ear
taken forsooth as a maybe :on my oath, by cripes and gor blimey
your vain laudship aint got no moniker
lest you reduce the unattainable to may-hem-be

oct. 9th, mmv

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